• What Next After Job Loss? My best friend recently shared with me how she lost her job in a prestigious media house. She was laid off during restructuring of the company and no notice was given to her .She fell into long depression and this did not auger well with her. She had worked hard ... Read more
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  • THE PRECIOUS GEMS: TRAITS OF LOYAL EMPLOYEES AND HOW TO RETAIN THEM It is always the wish of every organization to have employees whose caliber is loyalty. Employees, who even in times of crises stand with you, listen and encourage you. They are the precious gems; not stepping stones and have the following characteristics: They always tell you what you needed to hear, ... Read more
  • MWALIMU NYERERE AFRICAN UNION SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME – 2018 The Mwalimu Nyerere African Union Scholarship Scheme was launched in 2007 with the aim of contributing to the production and retention of high caliber African human capital for sustainable development of the continent in critical development areas, while promoting regional integration through intra-Africa mobility of students. The Scholarship Scheme is ... Read more
  • 2018 SCHOLARSHIPS – APPLY!   MSc Scholarship for African Students in Economics at University of Sussex in UK, 2018 The Economics Department at the University of Sussex is delighted to offer an annual Masters scholarship for suitably qualified candidates from selected sub-Saharan African countries. The full master’s fee will be waived plus the student will receive a ... Read more