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Jobsikaz is the Leading Platform for Recruitment and Placement Solutions for SMEs in the job marketplace.

At the core of our systems is a vacancy – job seeker matching engine powered by algorithms for job seeker assessment and ranking together with advanced recruitment process management tools.

One of the most interesting puzzles about the East African job market is the time it takes for an employer to fill a position, given the high unemployment rates in the region. In a mission to understand the puzzle and go beyond the easier narrative of “unemployable graduates”, we discovered the unintended reason behind the inability of employers and job seekers to find each other as quickly, efficiently and as affordably as possible.

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We are a Professional Development and Recruitment Platform

The job and job seeker mismatch trend started at a time when the twin trends of stagnating jobs growth and increasing pools of unemployed people led to disproportionately high levels of applicants per job costing employers a lot of time in processing applications. Research shows that a typical job advertisement receives between 200 – 800 CVs per advertised role, and up to 88% of them could be unqualified. The shortlisting nightmare involved in sieving this pool takes recruiter an estimated 20 out of a possible 35 hours of recruitment.

Yes, there exists enterprise tools that could help with this workload, but they are fragmented, costly and hardly any is designed to address the needs -like skill gap and budgetary needs- of most employers, who fall within the SME category. So SMEs employers resort to inefficient recruitment methods like network sourcing, which is lengthy and hardly competitive due to small pools of referrals to select from.

So what does this cycle men? It means the challenges faced by each of the job market players spills effects to the other side, and everyone’s goals, growth and fulfillment are affected.

Jobsikaz philosophy is to create a single sourcing point for players, with enough tools to help the find each other.

Though our talent database for example, job seekers are able to use one profile to address several recruiters simultaneously, saving them the tens of daily applications- time which they would by the way employ productively through learning a new skill or starting a side hustle- while recruiters are able to search fast and efficiently with powerful technology aids that save them up to 65% of recruitment time and workload.

We are probably the only player in the market that recognizes the beauty of technology combined with the essence of humanity is a powerful tool. Our audience knows that they are not just a data point in a large scheme of processes. They matter to us- the human beings behind the CVs and Company descriptions. We don’t consider ourselves a technology company, but a human company. We know their needs, we listen to the silent frustration behind every new profile, and we go beyond our mission to ensure every new profile created offers the value we promise. That is why we have a host on consulting services, others paid and most free, where we use a network of professionals and experts to offer value to both job seekers and employers. So Yes- Fill in the inquiries, call us, visit us, and don’t stop, especially if you feel the market hasn’t been responding to your needs.

Finally, we are creating a community that is able to support each other through with peer advice, networking, and professional direction in an authentic and localized way, and from a shared African perspective. In a market with hundreds of millions of job seekers, we can’t promise that we would listen to everyone and offer personalized services. We couldn’t manage no matter how much we wanted! We are building this platform so that we can all advise each other, because the biggest cache of knowledge wealth lies with all of us together. And no better, faster way to spread it than among ourselves. So get any advice you need, both from our blog resources, our social media groups and through our soon coming community forum.

So to wrap up this long narrative (Apologies for the long read) – We say let’s go meet each other, build each other and prosper together by signing up!



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