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Jobsikaz.Com is an online job placement platform that advertises job seekers to employers. The platform serves to increase chances of visibility and employment to people who have been searching for jobs for a long time without success.

Jobsikaz.com is introducing dignity into the job search industry by converting jobseekers from being part of an unrecognized pool, to being clients who are treated with dignity and are able to stand out for employers to recognize. By giving them proper CV templates, proficiency and IQ tests, and honing their interview skills, we are making jobseekers competitive and reducing their job search time.

JobSikaz.Com Objectives

  • To provide online job placement services to job seekers.
  • Maintain a Regional Skill Database
  • Advice and train jobseekers on relevant job search techniques.
  • Employee background checks.
  • Administration of Psychometric, Intelligence and proficiency tests on jobseekers.
  • Workforce Outsourcing
  • Talent Acquisition and Planning
  • Recruitment Process outsourcing
  • Talent Management and Development/Training
  • Talent Acquisition Advisory
  • Virtual Human Resource Services

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