Business Partnership – (Sanlam Insurance) Nairobi

December 9, 2019

Our Client is looking for business partners to join their team and sell their products on a commission basis. The commissions are very attractive payable for a period of three years on one client. If you are an ambitious, driven individual who can develop new business as well as service existing clients’ requirements, then we want to hear from you.

Location: Nairobi

Job Description

  • Prospecting for clients for the provision of insurance products specifically life insurance and educational plans
  • Make an accurate presentation of products and services to individual clients.
  • Provide consistent support and services to these clients for the entire duration of their insurance according to their requirements to maintain strong customer service training.
  • Attend weekly team meetings and regular product and customer service training.
  • Zero tolerance to fraud.


If you sell a policy of monthly premium 20, 000 this means that you will be guaranteed a payment for three consecutive years that is:

1st year you will earn 40% of the premium which is 8000

2nd year you will earn 15% of the premium which is 3000

3rd year you will earn 5% of the premium which is 1000


Table 1

Month 1  Month 2 Month 3 Month 4
One  policy of 20,000 Two policies of 40,000 One  policy of 20,000 None
8,000 16,000 8,000
24,000 32,000 32,000


In table 1 above illustrates that if you sell a policy of monthly premium 20k you earn 8,000 for the 1st month, 16,000 plus 8,000 for the 2nd month (24,000) and 8,000 plus 16,000 plus 8,000 for the 3rd month (32,000). You proceed to get another 32,000 for the 4th month even if no sales were made on that month.

Note: You still get paid even if you do not make sales for the 4th month.

 Salary & Benefits:

  • Once the individual generates a payslip he/she is entitled to.
  • Medical cover
  • Pension
  • Car loan at 8%
  • House loan 8%
  • Plot loan at 8%
  • Access Sacco Loans i.e. can save and borrow from Sacco’s


  • 30 years and above
  • Passionate about selling
  • Should have a sales background
  • Should be able to sell 4 policies a month (Average for the company)
  • Academic qualification C-
  • No criminal record
  • Prior experience in selling Insurance will be a definite advantage.
  • Diploma in any business-related field from a recognized institution.

Additional Advantages

  • Presentation and negotiation skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Confident, persistent, focused and determined
  • Highly self-motivated and ambitious
  • Driving desirable

Method of Application

Interested candidates should send their CV’s to

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