Head lab Technician at Ngoma District-Rwanda

November 27, 2019

Job Description

“1. Provide timely interpretations for highly specific laboratory test results; 2. Contribute to the development of excellence in clinical practice through research, audit and undergraduate and postgraduate training; 3. Alternate with other Consultant Laboratory doctor and to act for them as required during short
– term absences including weekend and off
– duty leave; 4. Participate in the routine work of the department; 5. Interpret and report on any Laboratory results referred to him/her in respect of patients for whom the Hospital is obliged to provide such service; 6. Undertake administrative duties associated with patient care; 7. Participate in clinical audit activities and applies the results to improve the service; 8. Provide quarterly report to the supervisor within the Laboratory department; 9. Ensure that duties and functions are undertaken in a manner that minimizes delays for patients and possible disruption of services; 10. Provide innovative change within their specific laboratory discipline; 11. Participate in clinical audit and proactive risk management; 12. Collaborate with the Hospital Management, Director of Nursing, Medical and Surgical; Staff of the hospitals in all matters appertaining to the general efficiency of the hospitals; 13. Carry our research as appropriate 14. Submit, quarterly and annually report to the supervisor 15. Perform other related duties as required “



Job Profile

“A0 in Laboratory Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
– Office Management Skills;
– Excellent Communication, Organizational, Interpersonal Skills;
– Computer knowledge (Work Processing, Power Point and Internet)
– Analytical and problem solving skills;
– Time management skills;
– Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; Knowledge of all is an advantage

How to Apply

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