• Re-branding From Jobsikaz to Emploi   We are proud to announce that we have taken on a new identity.     We have undergone a significant transformation as Jobsikaz in the past few years.  Jobsikaz started out very simple, a small elite group trying to connect Employers to Jobseekers. As technology changed the world, the way we work changed ... Read more
  • Letter to my Job seeking Friend Dear friend, First off, it’s a Friday. The week has been crazy. But maybe just maybe, it’s been way crazier for you because honestly, unemployment isn’t really anyone’s cup of tea. Well, unless you’re an entrepreneur. As I write these lines, I wouldn’t know how it is you got unemployed. You ... Read more
  • Why young people hate their jobs―and what to do about it A ‘millennial therapist’ explains I once overheard a man venting about his millennial employees. “Their minds are always elsewhere,” he said as his wife nodded in agreement. “They’re entitled, disengaged, lazy and hard to manage.” As a Gen X’er, I’ve heard just about every millennial stereotype imaginable. But as a therapist who has been working with ... Read more
  • 8 reasons to reach out to an executive search firm Making a bad hire in your C-suite can have disastrous consequences. There’s an art to finding qualified, top-performing executives and the search for the right candidate can make the process far longer and far tougher. When the cost of not filling an executive role has negative ramifications on the success of your business ... Read more
  • Career Coaching-What should you consider when hiring a career coach?   There are a number of factors to consider before you invest time, money, and effort in working with a coach. To save you time up front, let’s start with the first and most important question: “Do you even need a coach?”  To accurately address this issue, here are a few questions ... Read more

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