• Skills every employer should scout out for when looking for employees. Skills every employer should scout out for when looking for employees. In the recent past, employers have been hiring candidates based on their own individual experiences and various skills they have built over time. Today, there are numerous benefits to hiring candidates based on their core skills and attributes. Being able to ... Read more
  • Golden Dm opportunity    Its Furahiday, you’re probably gassing yourself up for the weekend but at the same time trying to wrap your head around the fact that you’re 26 and still unemployed. Uncle Tom who told you “graduate tu, ntakupa connections” doesn’t even pick up your calls yet kwa status viewers ako top ... Read more
  • Hone Your Soft Skills and Bag Your Desired Job   Getting your dream job could be so near yet so far. We all get to that point in life where we try too hard to be that perfect candidate, Packaging our achievements in our resumes and sometimes falling short of so many little things that really matter like what skill ... Read more
  • Career Coaching- Why the most important work in job-hunting may seem like a waste of time.   A very senior professional in their field sent me their CV the other day for a position we are recruiting for. I actually had gone out to look for him because I have seen his work before, so when the vacancy showed up I knew he was just the guy ... Read more
  • Skills Needed in Today’s Competitive Job Market. “I am excited to start my new role. But since this is my first job, I am also nervous and keep wondering if I’ll succeed, and more so, I’m curious as to the skills I need. What advice would be useful as I start my career?”  This is a question I ... Read more

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