• 6 Things to Do Before Starting Your Own Business           1. Conduct a market research. For you to dominate the market, you must conduct a thorough market research in order to clearly understand your target demographic. This will lead to the success of your business. “It is crucial to make sure you are delivering what your customer wants, not what you want,” said ... Read more
  • CALL CENTER AGENT TRAINING Hello job sika… This is a call for all of you who’ve been trying to get into, or are in the call centers, customer service or sales field and need the knowledge to pass the interviews and land the job. Jobsikaz in partnership with Coach Robin, is holding a call center workshop. What ... Read more
  • The 4 Secrets to Successful Sales Team Management Being a first-time sales leader is something every new business founder, or even existing business people have experienced when the time came to beef up the company’s sales function. In most SME’s and start-ups, where functions overlap quite frequently, a number of departments heads, including the HR heads, have found themselves managing ... Read more
  • GETTING A NEW JOB WHILE STILL IN YOUR CURRENT Are there days you wake up in the morning and feel; ‘Oh God! I’m going to the same old job again’ or ‘Do I have to report to work today? I’ ll call in for a sick leave’. The funny thing is that this feeling wasn’t there when you first ... Read more
  • 8 Job Interview Mistakes You Should Never Make There are quite a number of things that could go wrong during a job interview. You could hesitate while answering a question, or answer it differently. This is however not all that could happen. While most interview panelists overlook some of the mistakes interviewees make, there a number that if ... Read more

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