• 4 Ways to Build Your Employer Brand without Breaking the Bank These days, the term “employer branding” gets bandied about a lot. But what does it mean? Like consumer branding, which builds reputation and recognition for products, employer branding is about doing the same for your workplace. However, rather than attract customers, the goal is to attract your future employees. Big firms ... Read more
  • 2019/2020 Fully-funded Fellowship for Africans at MIT, Boston, USA The Empowering the Teachers (ETT) program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) invites young, brilliant and upcoming African academics, who recently completed their doctoral degree, to spend an intensive and inclusive semester at MIT in a bid to understudy the mode (& dynamics) of curricula development and content delivery at ... Read more
  • 7 Tips To Double Your Interviews This Year.                   Let’s face it, job search can be tough. And even for the strongest of us, it can get to you — I mean really get to you. When you’ve been on the job hunt for a while, every rejection letter can feel a little bit soul crushing. Hearing nothing at all ... Read more
  • “Ghosting”- The New Employee Trend and What You Can Do About It. Recently Chip Cutter of LinkedIn published a fascinating story on ghosting by employees and job candidates, which caused quite a debate among HR practitioners. There wasn’t anything new about it for me personally, but the fact that its a universal occurrence and that someone has given it such an interesting name got ... Read more
  • 3 ways to stop worrying and to truly live your life We all worry, we’re constantly worrying about things causing stress, and fear. It is natural to, but when all that worrying becomes a bad habit that stops you from truly living your life, something needs to be done..I know it’s easy to say we should just stop worrying and live ... Read more

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