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So you have an urgent vacancy. The longer it stays open the more your business loses. The best thing would be for you to advertise that. You will receive applications and fill it within no time right? But that’s not what statistics say. It says that you will likely receive anything between 200 – 800 CVs and 75% to 88% of them will be unqualified. And you will take about 20 out of a possible 35 hours recruitment hours on shortlisting alone.

So, what to do?

You could drop every other important work in your schedule to tackle the above workload, or, you could let us engage our tools and get you the Best candidates within 48 hours, and only pay if you are satisfied.

What you get
• End to End Recruitment support.
• Thorough Quality Checks.
• Turn-Around Time: 48 Hrs.
• Best Rates.
• 90 Day Guarantee.

Our Recruitment Quality Assurance steps include:
• Role Suitability Indexing- 360° Analysis algorithm
• Behavioral Assessment
• Psychometric Assessment(Competency, Reasoning and emotional Test)
• Background Assessment:
• Prior experience/Performance
• Personal Qualities
• Weakness areas/ Disciplinary Issues

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