Re-branding From Jobsikaz to Emploi

November 28, 2019


We are proud to announce that we have taken on a new identity.



We have undergone a significant transformation as Jobsikaz in the past few years.  Jobsikaz started out very simple, a small elite group trying to connect Employers to Jobseekers. As technology changed the world, the way we work changed too. Every day, we became more trustworthy and more client-focused.

Our new identity will not change who we are it will, in fact, satisfy all existing expectations of our mission: Hire and be hired, anywhere, easily. At a time when getting the right job and the right candidate is more complex than ever, Emploi is making it Simple, Fast, Efficient and Reliable for you.

The world is changing and so have we

What does this mean?

Emploi and Jobsikaz are the same, however, how we Look, Sound and Serve has been upgraded. With the help of our advanced technological tools, hiring and being hired has been made simple, fast and efficient to satisfy your expectations.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. We look forward to delivering excellent services with this new branding. We will continue to serve you diligently and continue being your foundation for consistency and impact because we are not just a Job Platform. We are an aggregator for contemporary job matching approaches and tools which take into consideration the present-day job and talent landscape as dominated by the unconventional profile of the millennial job hunter.

We are


Web:     Office: +254702068282;

Even Business Park, Airport North Rd, Nairobi.

EMPLOI, Hire and be hired easily, anywhere.


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