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April 8, 2019

We are looking to fill the position of a Research and Development Assistant who can double up the tasks of product formulation and product education, she should be well spoken, confident and convincing. preferably a lady

Job Summary

Research and development involves new product development and renovation of the existing products while the production entails the manufacturing of the developed and researched products in large scale compliance to GMP.

Duties and responsibilities

  1. New Product Research & Development- assists in covering the complete process of bringing a new product to the market ;-
  • New Product Strategy – Helps in defining the goals and objectives for the new product.
  • Idea Generation – Collective brainstorming through internal and external sources.
  • Screening –helps in condensing the number of brainstormed ideas.
  • Concept Testing – facilitates to structure an idea into a detailed concept.
  • Business Analysis – Understand the cost and profits of the new product and determining if they meet company objectives.
  • Product Development – Plays a part in developing the product.
  • Market Testing – Marketing mix is tested through a trial run of the product.
  • Commercialization – Introducing the product to the public
  1. Planning, organising and overseeing process or production trials
  2. Making improvements or modifications to current processes
  3. Formulating new production processes or stages within processes
  4. Use design models to develop manufacturing processes
  5. Generate ideas for new products and researching feasibility in terms of profitability, resource availability and compliance with regulations.
  6. Record and analyse data
  7. Present results to colleagues
  8. Liaising with engineering, research, technical and/or production staff
  9. Supervise junior staff including production assistants
  10. Writing and reading technical papers, reports, reviews and specifications
  11. Play a role in raw material approvals- both new and existing materials
  12. Keep up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments

19.Ensure compliance to all requirements By KEBS,KIPI,NEMA,Health and Safety  etc.

  1. Carry out permit renewal for products and any related field.
  2. Help in executing GMP- this involves executing set principles by Good Manufacturing Procedure.
  3. Helps todetermine and execute improved technologies used by suppliers, competitors and customers.
  4. Assist in establishing project goals and priorities by collaborating with marketing and operations department.
  5. Assists in monitoring team metrics and objectives ensuring meeting of goals.
  6. Helps to Suggest training tools to enhance employee performance and skill development.

















Diploma in Chemical and Processing |Engineering


At least 1 year experience in research and development


Key skills for research and development assistant

  • Passionate about hair and beauty products
  • Well-spoken and convincing
  • A logical and investigative mind
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • A methodical approach to work
  • Team working skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • The ability to communicate effectively with staff in non-scientific positions
  • Good technical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • IT skills

How to apply:

If you qualify ,kindly send your cv to

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